Residents of the Lviv region are the most energy-efficient

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03 08 2016

In July, more than 3,500 Ukrainian families took part in the state energy efficiency program and purchased "non-gas" boilers worth 62 million UAH. It is four times as much as last month.

Families who actively switch to alternative heating live in the Lviv region. They have already established 2544 "non-gas" boiler. They have also an additional support from local authorities, namely, the compensation of 20% of loan interest from the regional budget.

In general, more than 19,000 families took advantage of the opportunity to be independent of gas, to install solid fuel boilers and to get 20% reimbursement from the state budget.

Solid fuel boilers have a number of advantages compared to gas ones. In particular, there are no complicated licensing procedures for their installation, the price for alternative fuel is relatively low. In addition, the consumer is free to choose the fuel he needs.

Besides, according to the average statistical data, installing a solid fuel boiler, a family can save about 17 thousand UAH during the heating season. For example, the heating costs of a household for the heating season will be around 29 thousand UAH by the new gas prices, and the costs for heating with wood chips will make up about 12 thousand UAH.

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