Sergiy Savchuk: Denmark plans to provide technical assistance to Ukraine for renewable energy development and energy efficiency increase

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26 01 2017

On 19th of January 2017 the Head of SAEE (State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine) Sergiy Savchuk held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danish company, where he discussed the possibility for involvement of Denmark technical assistance in the spheres of energy efficiency and renewable energy of Ukraine.

“Ukraine is following global trends. Thus, according to our commitments to the European Union, we have developed and adopted a national renewable energy action plan by 2020 and have set-up an ambitious goal to achieve 11% share of green energy in total energy consumption. Implementation of the plan requires the involvement of more than 16 billion Euros of investment. For this we are improving the legislation”, - said the Agency's Head and explained that, for example, improved in 2015 the system of “green” tariffs helped to make green projects more attractive to investors. In the future we can talk about the energy clusters creation in every region of our country.

During the meeting Sergiy Savchuk presented to the Danish party the state policy of energy efficiency and renewable energy, focusing on the Governmental priority task – replacement and reduction of gas consumption. He explained that for the goal achievement on 2014-2016 several important laws and regulations were developed and adopted as well as considerable results were achieved.

In his turn, Danish party informed SAEE: “Denmark begins the fourth phase of the Danish Neighborhood Program, one of goals of which is to promote the economic development of EU neighboring countries, including renewable energy and energy efficiency. The challenge now is to find out the priority directions of these areas development in Ukraine for further attraction of investment”.

As explained by Ms. Darrian Riber, the representative of Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this program is foreseen for Ukraine and Georgia from 2017 to 2021. Total amount of financing for this five-year program is expected at rate of about 800 million of Danish kroner.

During the meeting, Danish experts expressed a special interest to investors’ relations with local authorities and to examples of existing projects in regions. At the end of the meeting Sergiy Savchuk stressed that State Agency is ready to provide a consulting assistance to both investors and projects developers.

The parties agreed the need for dialogue continuation, relevant information exchange and identification of the most promising directions for cooperation in the spheres of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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