For the I quarter of 2017 the amount of renewable electricity capacity has made up half of capacity installed for the whole 2016

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26 05 2017

For the I quarter of 2017 in Ukraine 66 MW of new facilities that produce "clean" electricity according to "green" tariff have been introduced. It means that just for three months we have the half of capacity introduced in 2016. Most of them, namely 60 MW, are solar power plants.

"Statistics clearly demonstrates that renewable power development rates have accelerated. It is significantly influenced by the Law of Ukraine # 514-VIII, which improved the system of "green" tariffs. By the way, this Law was developed together with the SAEE and adopted by the Parliament in 2015 ", - said Head of the SAEE Sergiy Savchuk.

Sergiy Savchuk said that under the current law the "green" tariff is fixed to the EUR by 2030 in order to avoid the inflation risk. Also the requirement for local content is canceled. At the same time, the premium is introduced for Ukrainian equipment usage. By the way, the micro hydropower plant introduced in 2017  received such surcharge additionally to the “green” tariff.

In 2016 120 MW capacities of new facilities, operating under the "green" tariff, were put into operation. This is 4 times more than in 2015. 90 MW of these capacities are solar power plants.

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