Clean" energy projects, energy performance contracting and energy management are investment in economic development of the Lviv region

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26 05 2017

It was stressed by the SAEE Head Mr. Sergiy Savchuk, opening the conference "Renewable energy and gas replacement. Energy Savings Performance Contracts and energy management implementation" on May 26, 2017.

"Implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects is not only a possibility to reduce and replace gas usage. Is is a path to social and economic strengthening of the region and the welfare of the community", - said S. Savchuk.

Sergei Savchuk said that, for example, solid-fuel boilers, wind power plants installation and other projects would promote activation of small and medium businesses, new jobs creation, revenues increase in the budgets. In addition, "green" projects would help improve the environment, solve the problem of wastes.

The SAEE Head said that revenues in local budgets had increased after the decentralization reform. "Today local authorities have good opportunities to make useful decisions and invest funds in" green "projects. Therefore I appeal to the Lviv region to be active in this direction", - said S. Savchuk.

In turn, the Head of of the Lviv Regional State Administration Oleg Synyutka spoke about the prospects for new renewable energy facilities in the region.

"Till the end of the year we plan to open two wind farms, three solar power plants, and at least one hydro power plant. We also hope that by the end of 2017 another 48 boilers will be converted to alternative fuels", - said Oleg Synyutka during a briefing held at the conference.

Participants of the conference also discussed the thermal insulation of public buildings according to Energy Savings Performance Contracts. The region is actively preparing for introduction of EPS-mechanism. Currently, 240 Lviv public institutions may be potential objects of Energy Performance Contracting. 5 ESCO investors have already announced their willingness to work in this area.

Also, the Lviv region in cooperation with the SAEE will actively work on energy management systems implementation in the public sector. Experts estimate that just through energy management up to 20% of energy consumption can be reduced in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc. without additional budget funds. Today energy monitoring is implemented in six cities and 285 institutions in Lviv region.

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