At the “Radio Liberty” Sergiy Savchuk told about "clean" energy as a way to energy and economic freedom in Ukraine

Created date

23 09 2018

The SAEE Head Sergiy Savchuk together with Olga Komarova, journalist of the “Radio Liberty”, discussed  renewable energy and advantages of energy efficiency projects ("warm loans", energy certificates, etc.) for consumers in Ukraine.

Sergiy Savchuk paid attention to the fact that investors began to trust Ukraine. Over the past 3 years, more than 1.1 billion euros were invested in "green" projects.

Thus, investors not only develop their "green" business, but also vote for the country's energy and economic independence.

"In order to demonstrate Ukraine's potential in the international arena and to continue inviting investors, we joined the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA", said S.Savchuk.

Besides, the SAEE Head told about energy efficiency programs that are useful for every family. There is a verified fact: families who are implementing energy-efficient measures can save half or more money on utility services.

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