Producing energy from waste, Ukraine can substitute in equivalent up to 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year

Created date

22 08 2019

The SAEE has already developed not only the concept, but also a number of draft laws to stimulate the energy utilization of solid household waste.

The main idea is to create such legal conditions under which it will be profitable for businesses to install waste-to-energy plants and take waste to factories, but not to landfills or forests.

Therefore, according to the developed concept and draft laws, it is foreseen:

- to provide investors with guarantees for supplying certain volumes of waste for recycling;

- to introduce long-term contracts for waste management;

- to create incentives for building waste-to-energy plants;

- to establish clear tariffs for services in this sphere;

- to implement environmental requirements for waste-to-energy plants;

- to establish an administration system for waste management at the municipal level;

- to strengthen the responsibility for waste disposal at unauthorized landfills;

- to create a transparent market.

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