SAEE and Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry launch cooperation to encourage implementataion of joint projects on energy efficiency and clean energy

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18 10 2019

Chairman of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) Sergiy Savchuk and President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry "Italy Ukraine" (CCI) Riccardo Ferretti have launched cooperation aimed to encourage the implementation of joint projects with the Italian business on energy efficiency and clean energy in Ukraine.

The meeting was a follow-up to the successful bilateral talks in Taranto and Bari (Italy) this September.

In particular, Sergiy Savchuk presented to the Italian delegation the achievements, mechanisms to encourage activities and significant investment potential of Ukraine in the following areas:

- energy production from renewable energy sources, alternative fuels and waste;

- improving energy efficiency in the housing, budget and industry sectors.

The parties paid special attention to the wide opportunities for Italian companies to work in the energy service market. It is known that due to the enacted legislation in this field, more than 360 ESCO projects worth over UAH 500 million are being implemented in 20 regions of Ukraine. Energy savings in various budgetary institutions make up 35% on average.

Apart from that, participants of the meeting focused on the high potential of green energy usage in households.For the last 5 years, about 12,000 families have switched to solar power by installing solar panels with a capacity of nearly 280 MW.

According to data of CCI team, Italy has high technological solutions in energy efficiency and renewable energy, especially for the following projects:

- waste-to-energy production;

- biomethane production;

- natural gas substitution with alternative fuels;

- solar power stations, including for private households.

Now the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considering opportunities to establish a fund to finance and implement joint natural gas substitution projects across Ukraine.

Apart from that, the parties agreed to work in synergy on the most effective partnership areas and potential projects in the above mentioned directions.

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