The Agency will use the European experience to create an energy efficiency fund

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17 12 2014

It was discussed by the Agency's Head Serhiy Savchuk and representatives of the European Commission's Support Group for Ukraine at the meeting.

According to Serhiy Savchuk, the fund on energy efficiency will ensure rapid and sustainable implementation of financial mechanisms for energy efficiency improvement in Ukraine which are developed by the Agency. "So it is very important for us to get support of the EU as to filling and administration of the fund", said the Head.

The representative of the Support Group for Ukraine Torsten Wöllert informed that there are several ideas and initiatives in this area in Europe. For example, Germany considers creating a multi-donor energy efficiency fund. "Our task is to unite all these concepts and help create a strong fund with sufficient funding that will really promote implementation of projects in the sphere of energy efficiency. We want to support Ukraine in this issue and involve all stakeholders in cooperation", he said.

In turn, Krzysztof Gierulski, the representative of the Support Group for Ukraine, noted that it is important to implement instruments for project financing as soon as possible. According to his words, in order to attract donors and international organizations there should be also an appropriate legal framework, including an updated National Energy Efficiency Action Plan by 2020.

At the end of the meeting the parties agreed on the need to establish a working group that will develop the concept of the fund and present it to representatives of donor organizations.

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