INOGATE Projects

On 18 December 2013 the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade registered the technical assistance project under INOGATE Programme “INOGATE Technical Secretariat and Comprehensive Programme to Support Energy Goals of Baku Initiative and Eastern Partnership”. Implementation of such Programme seeks fulfilment of provisions of the Protocol on Intentions between the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine and the Project signed on 4 July 2013.

The Protocol on Intentions provides for, in particular, support towards cooperation with international financial institutions and community of international donors to promote attraction of investments, study of EU Member-States experience with regard to monitoring of indicators of renewable energy sources and alternative fuels development, creation of a comprehensive electronic interactive map of investment potential of renewable energy sources to ensure optimal deployment of the respective generating capacities to generate electricity from renewable energy sources etc.

The period of implementation of the Project: 18.12.13 - 31.01.15. The Beneficiary of the Project is the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine.