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RENPOWER UKRAINE: The 3rd Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference
30 01 2020

On 30 January 2020 there will take place «RENPOWER UKRAINE: The 3rd Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference» in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The organizer is Euroconvention Global.

The Forum has established itself in the calendar of major energy events in Ukraine. The past two editions, over 300 participants  from 29 countries took part in the events.

This year, the Forum will host large moderated panels to include experts from various background:  senior energy officials and representatives of energy stakeholders, legislators and regulators, developers, investors, financiers, legal consultants and others.

The conference will feature thematic sessions on the following topics:
  • state and prospects for developing energy system;
  • the first 6 months of the new electricity market;
  • renewable energy and new auction system;
  • energy storage systems and other modern technologies, trends in the modernization of clean energy production;
  • investment attractiveness of the market.

Web-site: https://euroconventionglobal.com/event/renpower-ukraine.

Contacts: Preslav Bobev, pbobev@euroconventionglobal.com, tel.+421 905 107 703.