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Discussion #9 "Hydrogen economy development: from idea to projects implementation"
13 10 2022

We continue a series of highly specialized professional discussions on the ways to develop the hydrogen economy in Ukraine, which is held by Energy Club together with the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine.

The new hydrogen industry must be built in a way to provide Ukraine with a competitive position on the world energy arena.

Discussion participants - representatives of government, business, science, education, international and expert community - will raise and outline all the issues of the new industry development, focusing on each stage of the chain: from hydrogen production to its consumption.

Issues for discussion:

  • strategic vision;
  • peculiarities of the hydrogen projects development and implementation;
  • key components of hydrogen projects;
  • difficulties during project implementation;
  • ways of financing;
  • equipment market for hydrogen projects.

Energy Freedom by Energy Club - a discussion of professionals in the field of energy - representatives of government agencies, central authorities, people's deputies, representatives of Energy Club member companies and leading industry experts.

The talk show is hosted by Andriy Kulykov.The online broadcast will take place on FacebookYouTube and LinkedIn.

Starts at 12:00.

Language: English