To attract financial resources of international financial organizations (IFO) into energy efficiency and energy saving the Agency conducted the meetings with representatives of the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, experts of the Swedish International Cooperation Agency and the arrangements concerning establishment of Energy Efficiency and Environment Eastern European Partnership Fund (Е5Р) were reached. Thus, in 2009 during Presidency of Sweden in the European Union establishment of Е5Р was initiated.

The purpose of activity of the Fund is to harmonize an efficient provision of financial aid through contributions, which are not refundable, from such institutions as EBRD etc. to implement and support energy efficiency projects, projects related to environment protection, the result of which will be an increase of energy efficiency level, decrease of СО2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.

The Initiative envisages direct investments into energy efficiency – among others, district heating installations and generating facilities as well as more efficient supplies of heat and energy. Additionally, the Initiative provides for long-term obligations of Ukraine concerning reforming of energy sector of the country – jointly with donors and international financial organizations.

At present the donors of the Energy Efficiency and Environment Eastern European Partnership are ready to invest into economy of Ukraine for energy efficiency around USD 1,5 billion.

The Agency, within its competence, takes part in preparation of the list of projects to be submitted for consideration to the Coordination Council of the Swedish Initiative as well as provides an expert opinion with regard to energy efficient project.

The Agency closely cooperates with the following international financial organizations and institutions: