Ukraine and Iceland will cooperate in the sphere of energy efficiency

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16 07 2014

At the meeting the Deputy Head of SAEE Vitaliy Hryhorovskyi and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade of Iceland Gunnar Sveinsson discussed establishment of bilateral relations between Ukraine and Iceland in the spheres of energy efficiency and renewable energy, in particular, the use of experience of Iceland in the sphere of geothermal energy. They also talked about the reduction of oil and gas usage, increase of energy security and decrease of carbon emissions in the coming years by increasing renewable energy use.

Vitaliy Hryhorovskyi and Gunnar Sveinsson come to an agreement as to preparation of a report on the current state of geothermal energy sphere in Ukraine. In addition, during the meeting it was agreed to assess the Ukrainian legal framework in this area involving Icelandic experts and to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation.

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