Oleksiy Honcharuk offered negotiations to EU on European Green Deal

Created date

28 01 2020

he Government's program encompasses an ambitious goal – to meet the criteria for EU membership in five years.

That is why it is important to synchronize policies with EU member states, in particular within the framework of the European Green Deal. The Prime Minister of Ukraine issued this statement during a meeting in Brussels with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission on the European Green Deal.

"We propose to kick off a dialogue on the development of a common roadmap within the framework of the European Green Deal. This agreement is literally a matter of simple everyday things, such as to breathe normal air without emissions, to use clean drinking water, as well as to consume safe products. The EU's ambitious goal is to make Europe the first continent whose economy does not harm environment by 2050. Ukraine is ready to become an integral part of this success story, " the Prime Minister underscored.

Under the Green Deal, the EU will revise its current targets for reducing carbon emissions by 2030 from 40% to 50-55%.

"We will make together the European Union the first steps on this way. Ukraine is already shaping its second nationally defined contribution under the Paris Agreement and a package of bills on the national emissions trading model. We have already started to bring Ukrainian legislation in line with the European norms," Oleksiy Honcharuk added.

The Head of Ukrainian Government also briefed  the European Commissioner on intention to fully integrate into the European energy system (ENTSO-E ) by 2023.

"Our ambition is to transform the country into a strong competitive economy with a digitized and energy efficient industry, a highly developed infrastructure and a decent standard of living for the people."

It should be recalled that last week the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine established an interagency working group to tackle climate change within European Green Deal.