Cross-sectoral energy efficiency is a necessary element of the country's economic recovery

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16 06 2022


Energy efficiency is a recognized worldwide reliable way to reduce energy dependence. For Ukraine, this issue is becoming even more important for energy and national security.

Therefore, the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine in its proposals to the Recovery Plan of Ukraine insists that the reconstruction of the country should take into account the principle of "Energy Efficiency First" in all sectors of the economy. This is extremely necessary, first of all, to provide society with affordable energy, to overcome the threat to the competitiveness of enterprises due to the high energy intensity of domestic production, and most importantly - to improve the lives of citizens according to European standards.

Regarding intersectorality, this approach is used in Ukrainian legislation. We are talking about the basic Law of Ukraine "On Energy Efficiency", and, of course, the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan until 2030.

This proposal made by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine also corresponds to the first of the 10 strategic principles recommended by the International Energy Agency (IEA), namely - "to prioritise cross-cutting energy efficiency action for its economic, social and environmental benefits".

As the IEA explains, "an all-of-government approach, prioritising cross cutting action, will maximise energy efficiency gains throughout all sectors of society, enhancing social and economic development, energy security and resilience, and accelerating decarbonisation of the energy sector".

Analyzing the global potential, IEA experts concluded that doubling the current global rate of energy intensity improvement to 4% a year by the end of this decade has the potential to save as much energy as China consumes today.

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