Reducing gas dependence through renewable energy development

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21 11 2014

It was a theme of the roundtable which was attended by the Deputy Chairman of SAEE Sergiy Dubovyk.

"Taking into account an economic situation in the country, renewable energy is threatened with a withdrawal of privileges and preferences which provided an opportunity to develop this sphere. Today there is a problem with the main stimulus for renewable energy development. It is a "green" tariff which attracted Ukrainian and foreign investors", said Deputy Chairman of the Agency.

According to the Head of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Andriy Konechenkov, law on "green" tariff is aimed at developing renewable energy in order to reduce consumption of imported energy resources.

"Wind energy is a local eco-friendly resource that does not require water that is deficient  worldwide. Ukraine has a very high potential for development of this sector", said Andriy Konechenkov.

Participants agreed that facing a negative impact on investment plans of the current economic situation, the financial market instability and aggressive actions of Russia in the East, reduction of benefits may cause outflow of investors from renewable energy sphere, including wind power. But in turn it threatens achievement of objectives of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan by 2020 and implementation of commitments of Ukraine in the energy sector to the European Union.

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