The more added value Ukraine produces, the more added security the people of the world get – the President of Ukraine

Created date

23 09 2022

«Given our ability to export electricity, this is not just business – this is a real tool to prevent energy poverty for tens of millions of people in the countries of Europe with which we border. This is the stabilization of the energy situation on the entire European continent», told the President of Ukraine at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy.

Ukrainian electricity can help replace dirty Russian energy resources. And therefore, this is climate security.

«We also have tremendous opportunities in the development of hydrogen energy and transportation of green hydrogen to Europe. The sun, wind, nuclear energy, green hydrogen - all this is in Ukraine, and it's not just billions of dollars that can be invested and earned, but billions of dollars that will work to help different countries and peoples - tens of millions of people», said the President of Ukraine.

New green clean energy requires lithium, graphite and other rare earth metals. We have enough of them. Therefore, by investing in Ukraine, one can accelerate the development of green energy in other countries as well.