The start of biomethane production in Ukraine is another investment in the country's energy security

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13 04 2023

"Ukraine continues to impress the world with its indomitability and stability, especially on the energy front. Despite russia's military aggression, the Ukrainian company introduced biomethane production in the country. This is the birth of a new promising industry," stressed the Head of the State Energy Efficiency Agency (SAEE) Anna Zamazeeva during the opening of the country's first biomethane plant.

The Head of the Agency emphasized that the launch of biomethane production is another step to overcome dependence on bloody russian energy carriers.

The importance of the project was also underlined by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Solskyi, people's deputy Yuriy Kamelchuk, specialized associations and companies.

To produce biomethane the plant uses agricultural waste as a raw material.

Such projects will be relevant both for business and for communities. The production and use of biomethane will make it possible to reduce dependence on imported gas, use the full potential of agricultural waste, activate business in related industries and create new jobs. In fact, this is a new basis for energy clusters development, which means the recovery of the regional economy.

"Also, this project is a signal to the European Union about our readiness to continue, no matter what, to make a breakthrough in energy and launch new projects. And I am pleased to see that the Dutch partners have joined the Ukrainian project," noted the Head of SAEE. She reminded that in February of this year, a memorandum on partnership between Ukraine and the EU in the field of renewable gases was signed.

Ukraine has great potential and is ready to compete with any country in the production of biomethane. New projects are new investments in the further recovery of the country.

According to experts, by 2030 the annual production of biomethane in Ukraine may reach 1 billion m3 (if all possible export barriers are removed and domestic demand is stimulated).

"It is worth noting that the first biomethane plant is the result of how the government, business, international partners are able to consolidate, establish the necessary legal framework and create conditions for the launch of this market. And there is still a lot of work ahead to remove all the obstacles," commented Anna Zamazeeva.

We will remind that at the state level, with the participation of the State Energy Efficiency Agency of Ukraine (SAEE), a legal framework was created for the introduction of the biomethane market. The SAEE also participated in the preparation of the memorandum on partnership between Ukraine and the EU in the field of renewable gases.

The Head emphasized once again that it is possible to create energy clusters in communities on the basis of biomethane plants. "This will make it possible to comprehensively revive the region, solve the issue of energy supply, and create jobs," Anna Zamazeeva emphasized.

At the end of the visit, the Head of the SAEE called upon everyone for further cooperation in this direction: "We are ready to do everything together for the further development of the market, business attraction, restoration of the regional economy and the quality of life of communities!"

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