The National Decarbonization Platform will become a key tool for energy-efficient transformation and "green" reconstruction of Ukraine

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19 08 2023

Soon there will be launched the new digital platform in Ukraine – the National Decarbonization Platform (NDP) for a large-scale energy-efficient transformation of the country and green energy projects promotion.

The presentation of the flagship project - National Decarbonization Platform - was held by the SAEE Head Anna Zamazeeva, SAEE team together with American partners from Uprisun Technology (New York, USA) at the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine. Together with the Deputy Minister Oleksandr Butenko and the ministry’s team they discussed the future of this innovative IT-tool in energy efficiency and decarbonization.

As a result there was adopted the road map to launch the NDP that will become accessible to the first users at the end of this year.

Why is NDP so special? Conceptually, the platform is a multifunctional IT tool and will become an accessible and efficient conductor to the world of energy-efficient transformation and decarbonization.

It is important that the platform will help everyone from any point in Ukraine - municipalities, business, households - use the best energy-efficient "green" solutions under the state support, attracting the world industry leaders.

The large-scale launch of NDP services for municipal and private organizations, households is planned for April 2024.

The users of the platform will have great opportunities to choose options for "green" and energy-efficient solutions, from energy-efficient boilers and energy storages for the home to large-scale solutions based on solar panels, heat pumps from the world's leading manufacturers.

NDP participants will be able to get discounts from manufacturers, preferential loans and other financial instruments at rates that will be lower than market ones and with state guarantees.

“So we have been working on creating a modern, digital and widely available tool to scale energy-efficient projects and “clean” technologies throughout the country and help develop energy independent communities, competitive businesses and energy-efficiency households”, said Anna Zamazeeva.

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