JICA is ready to help with energy efficiency

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22 01 2015

It was discussed at the meeting held in the Agency with representatives of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA): Shinichi Yamanaka - Director General of the Middle East and Europe Department; Tatsuya Iwasaki - Deputy Director, European Division, Middle East and Europe Department, Ludmila Gornostaeva - Technical Coordinator in Ukraine.

"Cooperation between Ukraine and Japan is very important. The issue of gas consumption reduction and its replacement by other fuels requires an urgent solution", Serhiy Savchuk said and added that the problem of shortage of energy sources concerns not only natural gas, but also the electricity market. "Today in the economic crisis Ukraine has to import not only gas but also electricity. So any help of partner countries in the energy sector is a significant contribution for future generations", Serhiy Savchuk said.

Overall during the meeting the sides reached the agreement that Japanese agency (JICA) shall provide Ukraine with technical and possible financial aid in the spheres of energy efficiency and energy saving. It should be noted that Ukrainian-Japanese technical and grant cooperation is carried out under the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of Japan. The authorized agency of the Government of Japan for providing assistance to Ukraine is the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Note: Since 1997 Ukraine receives technical and grant assistance from the Government of Japan under the Program "Official Development Assistance". Since the establishment of diplomatic relations the amount of free aid provided by Japan has made over USD 154 million. Japan provides bilateral assistance to Ukraine, which consists of concessional loans and free assistance (grant aid and technical cooperation).

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